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My Approach

I take a developmental approach to counseling and work collaboratively with my clients to establish a plan to address and meet their goals. I have experience in both private practice and in-patient mental health facilities. My primary passion is offering accessible treatment to clients seeking measurable results in their life.

I focus on the integration of techniques from many theories to personalize counseling for each client. Life can be uncertain and challenging at times and having an advocate work with you to find and help you meet your fullest potential can make a huge difference. I'm here for you.

I believe what happens between sessions is just as important as what takes place in session. I will, at times, offer "homework" for my clients to work on at home to help further the therapeutic process. I also am a fan of offering outside resources which may be beneficial to my clients. Some of these resources may include group counseling, peer support groups, bibliotherapy, creative expression, and more. 

I want to find what works best for my clients and empower them to meet their goals. I am never afraid of a challenge and I truly believe anyone who really wants the support of counseling can find success in it.

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